Four Essential Steps to Achieving Your Health Goal

Do you have a health goal that you want to work towards? Perhaps it’s something that you’ve tried to achieve in the past. Perhaps it’s a health goal that you have been thinking about for many years, but never known how to achieve that goal. In this video, I’ll be talking about the four essential steps to help you to reach that health goal. My name is Leonie Satori. I’m a herbalist and naturopath with a clinic in Lismore, New South Wales. My passion is working with people and helping them to reach their health goals, and these four steps are essential for achieving any kind of goal, whether it be a health goal or a fitness goal or business goal or a life goal, whatever it is. This is the way to actually work towards those goals and actually achieving them. So without further ado, I’ll start on step number one.

The First Step to Achieving Your Goal

Now step number one is the most confronting. It might seem a little bit illogical. But with step number one what you need to do is ask yourself is this actually a goal? Is it? Or is it a fantasy? Is it just a dream that perhaps you’re never going to have the energy or the time to work towards? Perhaps it’s something that you don’t have the motivation to actually achieve. Perhaps you don’t want to put in the hard work. You don’t want to do the things that cause temporary discomfort for you to be able to achieve that goal.

So ask yourself, is this really a goal? Is this something that I really want to do? Or is it just a dream? So when you’re ready, when you say yes, yes, yes. Absolutely, this is a goal. This is something that I want to do. This is the right time. I have enough energy and motivation to do this. I’m willing to do the hard work. I’m willing to feel a little bit uncomfortable. I’m willing to step outside of my comfort zone. Then you’re ready. Step one, is this a goal? Yes, it is.

So I’ll give you an example of this. Just over 12 months ago, I set myself a business goal and this business goal was to be creating regular video content for you guys about health and wellbeing, sharing some of my knowledge. I went out, got myself a little webcam and microphone, and I did my first post. Very brave of me. And that particular post was all about stepping outside of your comfort zone, about dipping your toe into those things that make you feel uncomfortable, like video posting for me. So I did one post and that was it. I didn’t do anymore. And looking back, now I realize that it was more of a dream. It was more of a fantasy. And I wasn’t willing to do the work to actually achieve that goal. So now I can say yes, definitely, this is a goal. I have the time. I have the energy to do this and work towards my goal.

The Second Step to Achieving Your Goal

So step two. Step two is probably the most important step and also the step that a lot of people will think is unnecessary because it’s a little bit vague, it’s a little bit “I’m not doing that, that sounds a bit weird”. But step two is all about visualizing yourself at your destination, visualizing yourself having already achieved your goal, having already done that thing. And what this allows you to do is to fill in the smaller details of how things will actually be once you’ve achieved your goal. So what you might do is that you might be able to visualize how you will look, how you will feel, how different your life will be, how your body will feel, how you’ll be fitter or healthier, or whatever it is that you’re working towards.

So what I want you to do each day is to visualize yourself already achieving your goal. And when you think about people who have achieved big goals, those people who have done big things in their life, they’re the kinds of people who would have already visualized themselves achieving their goal, and they might’ve done that for many, many years. And it’s allowing your energy to be in that space to train the rest of your physical body to understand what it is like to have achieved that goal. So I want you to do that every day, visualize yourself already achieving your goal. How great does that feel? You’re already there.

Step Three of Achieving Your Health Goal

Step three. This is a hard one. This is a hard one for me. Some people are fine with it though. Step three is all about finding those resources for you to actually achieve that goal. And when we look at big goals, often it’s really hard to chunk it down into bite-size morsels so that you can work on smaller mini goals on the path to reaching your goal. So step three is all about asking for help. So you can do this in a few different ways. So if you’re working on your health goals, it seems obvious that you would ask for some help from a health practitioner. So you would see a naturopath of course, a naturopath to help with your health goals. If you have a fitness goal, you would see a personal trainer. For myself, with my video posting, I have found myself a mentor who can guide me through improving my skills with creating video posts. So what I have is some better equipment, and I have a roadmap to be able to achieve my goal.

So in asking for help, what you’re doing is creating a path, a journey for you to actually reach your health goal. And it takes a lot of courage and bravery to be able to ask for help. So once you’ve asked for help, it’s only natural that the step four is all about implementing those steps in working towards your health goal or your business goal or your life goal.

Achieving Your Health Goal – Step Four

So step four is really just doing it. Practice. Practice. Practice. And once you gain some momentum, what you’ll find is that it will be easier and easier for you to visualize yourself achieving your goal, but also you’ll find that things will start to click into place. You’ll come across more information, you’ll find more tools, and things will become a lot easier. And sometimes it is just getting over that first bump, taking that first step. And once you have taken that first step in working towards your goal, that physical step, you’re beyond just visualizing, you’re not collecting as much information, you’re using that information, you’re being very practical with your goal setting.

So if it is something that is say, for example, with my video posting, my visualization of my video posts was a whole lot more professional than what I’m doing right now. But in me practicing this and actually doing these posts and putting them online and saying, “Hey, this is something that I’m working towards,” it’s actually allowing me to accelerate my journey on my way to achieving my personal goal. So step number four is just doing it. Yeah. So this is me just doing it.

So to summarize. Your four steps to achieve any goal that you’re working towards, health goal or life goal or business goal.  Step one: is it really a goal? Ask yourself, really ask yourself, is this something that I really want? Will I put in the effort? Am I willing to do that? Step two, visualize yourself already there. If you can visualize yourself, you’re pretty much halfway there already. Step three, ask for help. Get some advice, get some equipment, work towards your goal. And step four is just do it. Just do it. Practice. Practice. Practice.

So I’d love to hear what your health goal is. Comment and tell me what your goal is. I would love to hear what it is. Also, if you have any knowledge on video editing, I’d love your advice as well. Comments, feedback, constructive feedback is always great. I would love to be doing more of these video posts. Hopefully, I can maintain this momentum to work towards my personal goal of sharing health and well-being information with you guys.

I hope to see you soon and ciao.

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