Luna Herbal Tea 100g


Love your luna cycles and natural harmony with our woman’s Luna Herbal Tea.

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Working naturally with the moon cycles and nourishing your temple.

Our Luna Herbal Tea is suitable for all Goddesses, no matter where they are on their life journey.

We’ve made this herbal tea with balancing, grounding and nourishing herbs for hormone harmony and natural energy.

Pretty red clover petals are known for their blood cleansing qualities, Shatavari, an Ayurvedic herb is soothing for digestion and nourishing for your yoni. We’ve added a hint of liquorice root to help soothe your stresses and add a little sweetness to this blend.

Drink Sundala Luna Herbal Tea any time of the month. Steep one heaped teaspoon in one cup of freshly boiled water, strain, drink and enjoy the beauty of your womanhood.

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Sundala Handmade


Asparagus racemosa root, Vitex agnus castus berry, Trifolium pratense flowers, Glycyrrhiza glabra root, Eleutherococus senticocus root.


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