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Order a repeat bottle of your custom-built herbal remedy as previously prescribed in our natural health clinic.

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Simply and quickly re-order a bottle of your herbal tincture as previously prescribed by our Herbalist here at Sundala Health. We use a range of therapeutic quality organic, natural and wildcrafted herbal liquids to custom build herbal remedies for people who visit our health centre in Lismore.

Add any notes or additional information regarding your remedy into the text box above marked “Notes”. In this box, you may wish to include the name of your herbal remedy (if you are using more than one), such as “Immune Tonic” or “Hormone Remedy”.

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Customer Reviews

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Always effective

I feel much better taking the tincture regularly. After travelling for 5 weeks and not taking my tincture I returned with various symptoms but once I had an appointment with Leonie and started my tincture all symptoms disappeared. Sleeping better, headache gone and body feeling settled.

Michelle Butcher
Remedy Herbal Tincture and Slippery Elm Powder

Have noticed a gradual improvement. Still very tired. Back swimming three times a week. Will discuss with you in more detail in next appointment.

I’m A Believer!

Who would have thought a few herbal drops daily would lead to improved gut health, improved well being & skin plus less need for headaches tablets!! Am so grateful to have found an honest, upfront, passionate in helping others & dedicated naturopath!! Thank you

Jenny Parry
Remedy Herbal Tincture

Excellent thank you .. this tincture has replaced "other" over the counter tablets.

Jane Lee

It’s great .