Herbal Immune Elixir Recipe

Herbal Immune Elixir
Yields: 90 Servings Difficulty: Easy

Simple, delicious and easy to prepare at home, this Herbal Immune Elixir can be used year round to add to foods, in winter to boost the immune system or as a tonic for overall health and vitality.

The recipe for this herbal elixir has been around for many generations, I first came across recipes similar to this one described here while I was studying herbal medicine and have since developed my own favourite formula. Made with a combination of culinary and medicinal herbs in a base of apple cider vinegar, this Herbal Immune Elixir will last several months in your fridge once prepared.


0/7 Ingredients
    Main ingredients
  • Optional - add after maceration


0/3 Instructions
  • Add all of the main ingredients to a glass jar*. Mix thoroughly so that all of the herbs are distributed throughout the mixture. *Ensure that your jar has a good sturdy lid because you will need to keep this preparation on your kitchen counter for two weeks while the herbs release their goodness into the vinegar.
  • Each day, you need to give the jar a good shake to distribute the herbs through the mix. Continue this daily for two weeks
  • Strain out the herbs and store your Herbal Immune Elixir in your fridge for use all year round. I like to use the original glass bottle that the apple cider vinegar came in to store my Herbal Immune Elixir.


Variations on the Herbal Immune Elixir Recipe

Adding a teaspoon of natural honey to this mixture after straining will add a pleasant sweetness to this herbal elixir and enhance the antimicrobial qualities of the herbal ingredients.

You can try adding other herbs too, the following additions can help to boost the medicinal qualities of this herbal elixir:

• For sore throats add 1-2 tablespoons of sage or thyme
• For coughs add 1-2 teaspoons of fennel seeds or caraway seeds

How to use your Herbal Immune Elixir

My favourite way of using this herbal elixir is simply dressing for foods; I will pour a teaspoon or more over a salad to give it an extra kick of flavour or pour over steamed vegetables.

You can mix your Herbal Immune Elixir with warm apple juice for a delicious nighttime hot toddy. During the winter months, blend this herbal elixir with a bit of water and gargle for a sore throat. Those who are brave enough may wish to dose this herbal elixir straight off the spoon.

Tips and Tricks

Turmeric is not always available fresh, so I try to take advantage of the availability of this herbal ingredient when it is in abundance. I usually prepare a couple of bottles of this Herbal Immune Elixir at a time so that we always have some on hand any time of the year.  It is wise to wear gloves when preparing the herbs for this formula, especially when preparing the turmeric. Use the leftover grated herbs from making your Herbal Immune Elixir in stir fries or your next batch of kim chi.

Once you have made your first batch of this Herbal Immune Elixir you may wonder how you have managed without it.

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