Sundala Herbal Foof Oil ™


Sundala Herbal Foof Oil™

Mother Nature’s answer to dryness.

A luxurious, delicately aromatic plant-based oil for hydration & harmony and to awaken the Goddess within you.

Sundala Herbal Foof Oil

Sundala Herbal Foof Oil™

Made in small batches, our Herbal Foof Oil ™ is entirely plant-based, comprised of pure essential oils, herbal extracts and plant resins. The unique design is such that it is natural, powerful and simply, indulgent for the senses. Formulated by our Herbalist and Naturopath, Leonie, with inspiration from Mother Nature.⁠

What People are Saying

Nitya Langstrom

Sex and Intimacy Coach at Authenticity Coaching

Wow this oil is so lush!

The subtle natural fragrance immediately drew me in when I opened the bottle, and it really feels amazing on the most sensitive body parts! Since I work as a sex coach, I make a point to take care and to nourish myself intimately, and the Foof oil is the perfect addition to my daily routine. Thanks for such a lovely product!

Katie Lloyd

Yoni Artist @yoniartbykatielloyd

Like a day spa treatment for your yoni

I was already a fan of the yoni oil, and the foof oil didn’t disappoint either. It’s simply superb luxury for your yoni. Smells (and tastes) great and is gentle enough to use on broken skin. Use it daily as a treat for your yoni or for play time.

Carly O'Connell

Ritual Artist at Amethyst Pokes

Sensual and Luxurious

The new foof oil exceeded all expectations. It is extremely luxurious and daily use has helped me create a special connection to my Yoni. It is beautifully moisturising without feeling greasy, and smells divine! Used during play was so amazing and it has become new favourite oil to use with my partner and alone…♡♡♡

Donna Natale


I’ve been using Sundala Health’s Herbal Foof Oil for a couple of years now – it’s made an amazing difference to my menopausal dryness. Natural and healing essential oils not only nourish my delicate area, it also smells fabulous. You can even use it as a lubricant!

Thanks Sundala Health.

Valentina Mathias

Master Healer at Balance Begins With Me

Earthy, aromatic, super hydrating

Funny thing I had opened the delivery of foof oil and had it sitting on my desk. I was in the zone with work and had dry hands, so I opened it and put some on. Smelt beautiful! Instant hydration and do you know what happened? I was typing away and became aware of tingles downstairs; quite delightful, so I can confirm the oils works in the area where it is meant to work! I also have used it in more intimate moments and really love this oil. Leonie your blending skills are amazing.

Are you like Martha?

As Martha leaned in to make her request quietly, I quickly understood what she was experiencing. Like so many women I see in the clinic, Martha was struggling with dryness and discomfort.⁠