Sundala Health Lismore
Sundala Health Lismore

Simply Inspired Vitality

Sundala Health grew from a desire to create a naturopathic clinic for health and healing that focused on custom-built treatment strategies. Moving away from the necessity for over consumerism into a more simple way of encouraging self-healing and education, owner and naturopath Leonie has created a comfortable and relaxing space to learn, inspire and heal, with a boutique health store, a full naturopathic dispensary and natural health clinic.

Boutique Health Store

With designs inspired by Mother Nature, our store showcases products made in-house at Sundala. The aroma of our products gently waft through our front door and invite you to experience more. Herbal teas with Ayurvedic and Western herbs, botanical perfumes made with plant resins, herbal extracts and essential oils and aromatherapy massage oils and skincare products are just a hint of the products on our shelves. 

Naturopathic Clinic

Wholistic health principles form the foundation of practices in our naturopathic clinic; consultations are treatment-focused, enabling more practical and positive health outcomes. Naturopath Leonie draws on both modern and traditional health practices to provide personalised health advice. Naturopath consultations are offered in-house and via video conferencing. Leonie’s primary modalities include nutrition, herbal medicine, flower essences and vibrational remedies. 

Visit our health centre in Lismore.

At Sundala Health, we provide a holistic service to everyone who visits us. We aim to help self-education and empowerment through knowledge and encourage people to take responsibility for their health by understanding their individual requirements.

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