Consistency is the Key to Good Health

Consistency is the key to Good Health

I love the idea of having a quick fix remedy for good health. Like most people, I’m thinking a magic pill, that you take once and it cures all of your health conditions, instantaneously. I imagine this would be a ground-breaking move for health, worldwide.

I can see the marketing, would have a little Tinkerbell-like fairy, waving her magic wand, just above your head, the moment that you swallow the pill. Within moments, you will feel this wave of contentedness, vitality and wellbeing, all throughout your body.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But I hate to break it to you: there are no magic pills and Tinkerbell is most likely busy doing other things with her time.

Good health never really comes from quick fixes or magic pills. Like most things in life, you have to work at it and the thing here is consistency.

There are no quick fixes

I know, for many people, they find that in their younger days, in the 20s and 30s, they can get away will all manner of dietary faux pas and virtually live on two hours of sleep and a packet of chocolate biscuits. While you might think that you could get away with that stuff, “yeah, it never affected me while I was younger”, the real truth is, all of those things that you did in your younger days, the drinking, the bad food, the crazy lifestyle, all of that contributes to your health today.

Health conditions don’t generally pop up overnight, they take a while to develop and the idea that you can fix all of that, with some magic remedy is, well, ridiculous.

Most of us, when we hit middle age, myself included, end up with a range of niggly health concerns of varying intensity.

I have to say, as a practitioner, the majority of people I see in the clinic are in this mid-life stage, where things are starting to fall apart and droop, and some body parts just don’t seem to function like they used to.

This is often a time when a midlife crisis hits; we leave our spouse, buy a sports car or start some weight-loss diet.

But, a lot of this just doesn’t last, because, in most situations, leaving your spouse may not be the answer to your issues, a sports car might make you feel younger for a little while, but is a superficial fix for your self-worth and some weight loss diet is going to be thrown out the door when you realise that you just can’t sustain a restrictive diet long term.

So what is the answer?

In my experience, both professionally and personally, working towards your health target step by step, day by day is the only way to get things moving in the direction of better health.

It is understandable, that the idea or concept that you need to work at it EVERY DAY seems overwhelming. Not to mention: where do you start?

Now you can imagine, as a Naturopath, I’m going to suggest that you get some professional help, from a naturopath. But before you do this, there is one thing that you have to do.

You have to make the commitment to yourself, to invest your time and energy into working on your health, long term. Yes, you need to sit yourself down, have good chat with yourself and decide that this is really something worth working towards.

I’m guessing that you don’t need me to tell you that better health, more energy and vitality are some of the most desirable outcomes from investing in your health future.

When you have made the decision to work on your health, just a little bit each day, instead of spending the rest of your life hoping for a magic pill, then you will be ready to take the next step and have someone guide you on your journey.

Getting help with your health

This is the exciting part and also the scary part; asking for help is one of the best decisions you will make. I love seeing people ready for the adventure of good health and vitality.

Now, for me, as a practitioner, I work as a health guide (for want of a better term), I guide people on their health journey, start them in the direction of better health and educate them on how to move forwards in a practical and down-to-earth way.

Consistency is the key here, moving, with little steps, learning along the way, discovering more about yourself and even making some mistakes on the journey.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Ok, I’m ready, I’m gonna do it”, click on the link below to book in for your first appointment with me, I’m eager to help you on your health journey.

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Leonie Satori

Naturopath and Herbalist Leonie is passionate about women’s health, especially perimenopause and all that midlife encompasses for women - anxiety, gut health and hormones. Her holistic and down-to-earth approach to well-being incorporates wisdom from traditional healing practices, including Western herbal medicine and Ayurveda plus over a decade of clinical experience. In her free time, you’ll find Leonie bush-walking, gardening and living life slowly.

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