Flower Essences for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Flower Essences for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

Flower essences are one of my go-to adjunctive therapies to help support individuals dealing with all sorts of stress-related emotional imbalances. In this article, I introduce a selection of flower essence remedies specific to the most common symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Sometimes described as the ‘aftermath of shock’, PTSD includes a cluster of symptoms that persist after a person has survived a traumatic event. For many, they find that their symptoms return in cycles with triggers causing a rapid relapse. For others, memories of the trauma are more difficult to work through, particularly where the trauma was experienced over an extended period of time; overwhelm, and anxiety may present as the first hints of PTSD.

Most documentation on PTSD speaks of ‘battle trauma’ and life-threatening events that can trigger recurrent anxiety and overwhelm. However, everyday trauma occurs in the average person’s home. Dealing with traumatic family or home life, especially for extended periods of time, can also trigger PTSD symptoms.

The far-reaching effects of PTSD can influence day-to-day living: exhaustion, difficulty concentrating or difficulty with decision-making potentially making everyday tasks much more challenging. For some, emotions may become volatile; over-reacting to simple situations or panic attacks may lead to feelings of overwhelm or loss of control. These acute emotional hair-trigger responses can, for some, set off physical stress reactions, including nausea, sweating or racing heart.

I like to use a combination of Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Living Essences from Western Australia in the clinic. Yes, it is true that I use flower essences with all of my clients (and for myself) and am always amazed to see the progress and transformations that follow with the prescriptions of flower essences. 

Flower essences are gentle vibrational remedies that can significantly influence the energetic imbalances associated with the recurrent symptoms of PTSD. The following flower essence remedies are Australian Bush Flower Essences, selected to help with some of the most common symptoms associated with PTSD.

Dog Rose of The Wild Forces is the first port of call, flower essence-wise, for intense feelings of distress that come with PTSD. This flower essence helps to encourage feeling calm and centred during times of turmoil and can help with the fear of losing control.

Grey Spider Flower helps to release deep fears and terror and is particularly beneficial for easing the trauma of nightmares associated with PTSD. This flower essence helps to bring about faith, calmness and courage.

Isopogon, when used as a flower essence remedy, can help to retrieve old, forgotten knowledge. Often with PTSD, the individual can have some difficulty remembering important aspects of the traumatic event. Isopogon can help to learn what is needed so that the person can move forward in life. 

Sturt Desert Pea may be one of the key flower essences for PTSD symptoms, it allows to diffuse sad memories and deep hurt. It encourages the expression of feelings and is beneficial for those stuck with communicating how or what they are feeling. On a deeper level, Sturt Desert Pea can help the person ‘let it go’ and move forward in their life.

Invasive, cyclic, obsessive thoughts of the trauma are commonplace with PTSD. The flower essence Boronia can help calm the nervous system and clear the mind of these invasive, repetitive thoughts.

Those with PTSD symptoms may feel emotionally numb and detached from other people; the Australian Bush Flower Essence Sydney Rose helps encourage a deeper sense of connection.

Bush Gardenia can help to renew interest, communication and passion and is particularly suited for those who begin avoiding certain activities, feelings, thoughts or places that remind them of the trauma, which is common for some with PTSD. 

Mongo Waratah helps to strengthen one’s will and helps to reclaim the spirit. It is beneficial where the loss of interest in life and daily activities present as part of the symptoms associated with PTSD.

Lastly, Sunshine Wattle, used as a flower essence, helps restore optimism and is particularly useful where a person has a sense of no longer leading a normal life or cannot see a positive future for themselves. 

The above flower essence remedies are included in this article for educational purposes only. As a practitioner, I will use these kinds of flower essence remedies (based on the individual specific requirements) in combination with dietary and lifestyle guidelines, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and would recommend professional counselling or psychotherapy. This information is not intended as a replacement for professional advice.

The information provided in this article is for information purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. We recommend you consult with a GP or other healthcare professional before taking any action based on this article. While the author uses best endeavours to provide accurate and true content, the author makes no guarantees or promises regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information presented. If you rely on any information provided in this article, you do so at your own risk.

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