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Book your follow-up Naturopathic Consultation at Sundala Health Naturopathic Clinic in Lismore or via Zoom video conferencing:

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Providing comprehensive Naturopathic consultations in our Lismore clinic via Zoom, our Herbalist and Naturopath Leonie gives professional, tailored health advice to meet your personal needs. Down-to-earth advice and custom made natural and herbal remedies form the foundation of treatment focused consultations.

Leonie draws on textbook knowledge and practical experience, using traditional herbal medicine, modern phytotherapeutics and evidence-based medicine to guide clients to greater vitality and well being.

Customer Reviews

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Ending nervous anxiety

Reaching out to Leonie @ Sundala, and investing in a session and the remedies ALWAYS works.

The ease of reordering makes refilling the remedies easy and fast.

The cost really balances out quickly, and the results amhave been critically stabilising in the mid high paced anxious world. And immediate, I might add.

Thank you Leonie, for your talents and outcomes ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Gill Kirwan

Excellent service as always

Tonina Detomasi
Life Changing

I was really stuck on several levels.
From one appointment and the individualised tincture/supplements Leonie made for me, I experienced immediate and almost miraculous results. I was and continue to have more clarity, stamina and overall feelings of natural happiness and extreme competence. EXCEPTIONAL.

Thanks Tonina. It's always a pleasure.

Belinda Simone
Naturopathic consultation

Itโ€™s always great to sit with Leonie in a consultation and chat about anything. I always feel support and encouragement backed with enthusiastic advice. A positive experience with wonderful help. Thanks Leonie

Natropathic appt

Leonie is so lovely & makes it easy to understand that even I get it ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š Sugar free is the way for me. Thanks again for lightening my load