First Appointment

$190.00 90 minutes

I wish I could snap my fingers and instantly fix your health problems.
But we both know that’s not gonna happen.
You’ll need an expert who can piece together the jigsaw of your health.
And come up with a plan to get you feeling better, more alive and more whole in yourself.
Yep. That’s where I come in.
As your Naturopathic health guide (so to speak).
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Seeing a Naturopath for the first time can be scary and overwhelming.

OMG. Is she going to take away my chocolate and make me eat Brussels sprouts?

These days, being healthy doesn’t mean you need to stick to a whole bunch of unwritten rules.

But, what you do need is an expert.

Who can piece together your health puzzle to find a way to:

  • Understand what you’re experiencing
  • Motivate you to make healthy choices
  • Get you feeling better

Join me in my Naturopathic clinic in Lismore face-to-face or via Zoom.

We’ll sit down and chat about everything from what you eat, to your poop and everything between.

And I’ll put together a plan to help you work towards your health goals.

No Brussels sprouts, I promise.

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First Appointment

90 minutes (in Lismore clinic), 90 minutes (Zoom video conference)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rose-Anne Fletcher
Coming Alive at 55

Very thorough, knowledgeable & highly recommended naturopath/herbalist. Finally feel I’m on the right track to better health, well being & balance physically & emotionally. Leonie at Sundala Health is brilliant!

Margaret McGuiness
Sundala Initial Appointment

Leonie was amazing and listened to my concerns about my health. Overall I am really happy with our first appointment and would highly recommend Sundala everyone! Ou appointment was via Zoom and I was a little reserved about this at first but it was great.

Sophie Varnier
Practical and Affordable Help

Very helpful, practical and realistic advice from Leonie. She is calm and listens to all your concerns. Don't let Zoom consult put you off. Have a consult from your lounge and let Leonie send you some beautiful goodies

Professional Service

A very knowledgeable practitioner, We forget how important it is to make these appointments and how we should do it more regularly. We learn a lot about ourselves, our health and a lot more when we stop and give our body and mind the chance to listen to it. Very interesting and enjoyable appointment